Workshop on Performance Evaluation

On July 6, PDP gathered 15 representatives of Emergency Management Service (EMS) on a project implementation group workshop, to discuss the performance evaluation concept. And further, prepare all necessary steps for a small-scale pilot.
An HR expert started the meeting with a short sum up of the work that has already been conducted on the elaboration of performance evaluation mechanism for EMS and discussed upcoming steps of the project.
Meeting provided a platform for a debate and exchange of ideas. The implementation team together with an expert discussed key competences of firefighters and defined the framework for their physical preparation. In essence, the group has agreed that during the small-scale pilot firefighters will be evaluated based on three main criteria: Key Functions, Competences and Physical Preparation.
An expert together with implementation team is following the pre-defined project action plan. The next step in the plan is to conduct TOT training for selected candidates on Performance Evaluation Concept so that they can train managers inside the organization. The training is planned for July-August timeframe. Conduct of the large pilot is scheduled right after the first pilot phase ends.