Second Workshop on Performance Evaluation

On September 2-4, PDP gathered representatives of Emergency Management Service (EMS) on a second workshop of performance evaluation (PE) development project. The main goal of the meeting was to conduct Training of Trainers (TOT) session with the aim to prepare the members of project implementation group as trainers and coaches on PE. 
Three-day, intensive workshop session itself, was oriented on practical exercises and case studies, which handed over an useful skillset for the implementation team members in terms of preparing the management of EMS for the upcoming pilot of the PE concept. Furthermore, the group worked on determination of key competences, performance evaluation indicators and individual development plans for the employees of EMS. 
An expert, together with implementation team is following pre-defined project action plan. The next step is to conduct two working group meetings in order to design the training for target groups inside the organization and consecutively launch the pilot.