We are looking for a Local Expert

THE NATO-GEORGIA PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME is pleased to announce an opening for the position of Local Expert.

Project title: Fostering the Mechanisms of Secondment in Georgian Civil Service
Partner organisation: Civil Service Bureau of Georgia
Project duration: June - December, 2020
Type of employment: Short term consultancy contract

Background Information:

The NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme (PDP) is a trust fund supported by Allied nations and partners. It is a capacity building instrument designed to create positive impact on Georgia`s public sector development. The Programme targets Georgian defence and security sector organisations and their civilian employees. It remains a key instrument for promoting NATO-Georgia non-military cooperation. 

Modern, stable and effective civil service establishes a solid foundation for resilient and continuously developing country. For this reason, since 2012 PDP is engaged in implementation of ongoing Civil Service Reform (CSR). By offering expert and technical assistance to the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) - a legal entity of public law under the Prime Minister - the Programme aims to contribute to this one of the largest reform initiatives of the Georgian government. 

The purpose of the project is to support introduction of secondment practice in Georgian civil service. Through a comprehensive study of existing local and international experiences, it aims at assisting CSB in development of secondment policy and specific regulations to be implemented in the civil service organisatons. Two experts - local and international will be recruited for the project. 

Scope of the Assignment:

The idea of secondment is novel for Georgian civil service. The Law on Civil Service allows for secondment, however the concept of how it might be implemented in practice is yet to be defined. Secondment is an opportunity to take on a new role within or outside of the home organisaton on temporary bases. It can be seen as a short term "loan" given by one department/organization to another to enrich experience and skills of employee and support implementation of important projects. A number of NATO member states are applying secondment practice in one or another form; however, effectiveness of this mechanism and its benefits are not substantially documented. The purpose of the project is to gather information about existing secondment experiences (both locally and internationally), systematize it in a comprehensive manner and inform relevant decisions of the Georgian government. Two experts - international and local will be recruited for the project. The role of international expert will be to lead the project, outline specific steps to be implemented (in close coordination with the CSB and PDP) and ensure timely and effective implementation of planned activities. In this role, international expert will be supported by the local expert. The later will contribute with contextual knowledge, support communication of the international expert with Georgian counterparts, ensure access to relevant documentation, work on translation of the project related documents from/to ENG/GEO and offer other necessary support to the project. 

Description of Responsibilities:

Local expert is expected to perform the following tasks: 

** Conduct analyses of existing secondment practices in Georgia to produce a report that would offer information on: (a) how Georgian governmental and non-governmental organisations employ secondment practice; (b) what are the key similarities and differences between existing systems: (c) what are the key benefits of secondment practices (as seen by implementing organisations); (d) what are the key challenges of existing systems; 
** Support international expert in production of the report on existing best (local and international) practices;
** Support international expert in production of the draft Concept of Secondment for Georgian civil service outlining key philosophy of the practice, guiding principles, desired outcomes and potential legal/financial/other implications;
** Engage in communication with the key local stakeholders throughout the project to understand existing needs and keep stakeholders informed about the process; participate in meetings, roundtables, workshops, etc to support continuous engagement of all relevant players;
** Contribute to the development of detailed Guidebook on Secondment to be approved by the Civil Service Bureau for further implementation in civil service organisations;
** Produce final report of the project to be submitted to the PDP.

All tasks mentioned above should be implemented in close collaboration with the CSB, PDP and international expert.

Expected Deliverables:

** Report on existing secondment practices in Georgian organisations;
** Concept of Secondment for Georgian civil service (jointly developed with int. expert);
** Impact assessment of the draft concept (legal, financial and other implications) (jointly developed with int. expert);
** Meetings/workshops/roundtables with the key stakeholders (as needed);
** Guidebook on Secondment (jointly developed with int. expert);
** Translation of relevant project documents to/from GEO/ENG;
** Final Project Report. 


** At least graduate level degree in relevant field;
** Professional experience (consultancy for civil service/research projects) will be an asset;
** Experience in working on similar documents (policy papers, concepts, reports) will be an asset;
** Fluency in Georgian and English languages;
** Well-developed written and verbal communication skills in both languages; 
** Ability to engage with relevant stakeholders online/distantly;
** Ability to work independently as well as in team and deliver under tight deadlines;
** Creativity, strong problem-solving skills, analytical and organizational skills;
** Ability to effectively engage for facilitation, consultation and coordination purposes with a broad range of stakeholders;

Application Process: 

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their resume and short (one page maximum) cover letter describing how they meet requirements of the project. Documents should be submitted to gabashvili.mary@hq.nato.intbefore 25th of May, 2020

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted to schedule interview with the CSB and the PDP. Implementation of the project is foreseen to start from early June.