The third Internal Audit course

The third Internal Audit course took place between 25th and 28th September 2017 on the premises of the Defence Institution Building School of the Ministry of Defence. The training was funded and organised jointly by the Building Integrity Trust fund (BI), NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme (PDP) in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and the Harmonization Center of the Ministry of Finance.

The training serves as a tool to assist the implementation of Public Financial Management Reform and strengthen Internal Audit (IA) functions, which assists the organization in implementing the internal control and risk management system in order to help in achieving its goals by managing the resources in economic effective and efficient way and mitigating strategic and operational risks in this processes. It represents a particularly strong means of an internationally recognisable method of demonstrating transparency of government processes and decisions, and it is closely connected with measures of integrity and ensuring minimal scope for those who would engage in corruption.