The National Defence Planning workshop

On March 19, the NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme launched the National Defence Planning workshop at Nato Liaison Office (NLO) of Georgia. The workshop has been developed from a graduate-level seminar to meet the unique requirements of Georgia and is oriented to inform participants on how to think about defence planning. 

The one-week, intensive, cross-sectoral seminar brings together defence officials who can apply their understanding of the nuanced nature of defence planning to the Georgian defence institutions and discuss current concepts of the development and implementation of defence plans.
The seminar was opened by the head of NLO Georgia Ms. Rosaria Puglisi and the Defence Policy and Development Department head at Ministry of Defence of Georgia Mr. Shalva Dzebisashvili.

The trainer of the course, Dr Thomas Young is Academic Associate for the Comparative Defence Planning curriculum in the Department of National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School and is editor-in-chief of the venerable academic publication, Defense & Security Analysis, published by Taylor & Francis (UK). 
Dr Young has worked professionally in the field of comparative defence planning for 30+ years. He has undertaken two studies that have contributed to reforms in national-level strategic planning.
Further afield, some of the key reform projects he has managed include the oversight of comprehensive defence planning reform projects in Estonia (2000-2002), Ukraine (2003-2015), Moldova (2004-2009), Bulgaria (2008-2011), Serbia (2010-2015), and Montenegro (2011-2017). He developed the methodology and executed the Office of the Secretary of Defence to assess the viability of defence planning and management methods of defence institutions in central/eastern Europe from 2007-2008.