Online Training in Information Systems Audit

November 4 marked the closing of the three-day, intensive, online training in Information Systems Audit, which was specifically designed for the Digital Governance Agency (DGA) employees who are preparing to get internationally Certified in Information Systems Audit (CISA).
This time, colleagues from the Cyber Security Bureau joined the course and brought the new perspective to the training. During sessions, participants went through the latest CISA textbook and exam materials, shared the experience of their respective organizations in the field and discussed the progress in details.
The training also provided an opportunity to engage in a firsthand exchange and active Q&A with a distinguished CISA expert that will aid DGA and CSB employees in their everyday work as Information Systems Auditors.
Within its mandate, the NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme works on the enhancement of the capabilities of Cyber workforce in order to support the alignment of national cyber expertise with international standards and contribute to the strengthening of Georgia’s cyber resilience.