Meeting of the EMS Supervisory Board

NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme (PDP) and the Emergency Management Service (EMS) partnership continues. On 18th of December meeting was held at 'Biltmore' Hotel Tbilisi, aiming to gather performance evaluation Implementation Working Group and Supervisory Board members. Meeting successfully elaborated on deliverables that had been determined previously by Implementation Group. Statutes and lawful procedures have been shared and participants,including supervisory board representatives expressed full commitment towards performance evaluation mechanism development, with necessity of satisfactory survey adaptation. Event provided quite fruitful platform in terms of exchanging ideas and developing critical discussion, which in fact benefited the process. Finally, parties agreed that cohesive cooperation will be maintained and respectively proper engagement will be carried out. As a closest result satisfactory survey finalization has been planned for the end of January, which will lead the process of specific guideline creation around the beginning of March.