Meeting of performance evaluation implementation working group

On 4-5th of December, in the framework of continuous partnership between the NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme (PDP) and the Emergency Management Service (EMS) the meeting of performance evaluation implementation working group took place. The meeting gathered 12 employees of (EMS) including the HR expert Ms. Ia Tsulaia who is an author of a performance evaluation concept which was specifically designed for the EMS. The aim of the meeting was to produce, four specific deliverables: 1. Terms of References for performance evaluation implementation working group and the supervisory board 2. Action Plan: from piloting the performance evaluation model to wider implementation 3. Identified departments, which will take part in piloting and 4. Engagement and satisfaction survey.
As a result of the meeting participants have provided completed concepts of the Supervisory Board and implementation working group, including proper statutes, structures and competences explained. Proper decree will be issued shortly after specific procedural operations. Furthermore, it’s been agreed that first Piloting groups will be launched in May-July period. Moreover, comprehensive and extended piloting has been planned around October, after the first piloting result analysis will be available. Precise time frames have been identified, therefore action plan has profoundly enriched with specific details. Meeting provided utterly productive platform in terms of exchanging thoughts about satisfactory surveys as well and participant’s contribution was remarkably significant on the way through.
Finally, on 18th of December extended meeting was scheduled, which enables supervisory board and implementation group representatives to deliberate along with expert involved in the process.