First Part of the HRM Manual Published

To support implementation of the civil service reform, on July 18 the Civil Service Bureau of Georgia, together with the NATO – Georgia Professional Development Programme and the USAID Good Governance in Georgia (G3) Program introduced the first Human Resource Management Manual for governmental agencies. The Manual launch, strongly supported by the Chancellery of the Government of Georgia, was accompanied by training for 120 representatives of local governance bodies and 60 central government HR managers and specialists.The Manual is being edited by Mary Gabashvili, seconded from the Civil Service Bureau of Georgia as a Deputy Manager to the NATO – Georgia Professional Development Programme. NATO attaches great importance to the civil service reform in Georgia. Mary’s secondment enables NATO to provide targeted, effective assistance in this direction. The Manual development process has been supported by the working group of HR Managers from all central government bodies, thus attaching practical knowledge and know-how to this document. Several of the working group members volunteered to act as trainers during the project, among them the Ministry of Defence who have benefited from a 3-year HR capacity building project provided by the NATO – Georgia Professional Development Programme.The Manual will consist of 3 parts. The first one issued in July focuses on strategic HR planning, functions of a HR unit, recruitment and selection process. The Manual as well as the training come very timely to support the large scale recruitment in the government agencies as a result of the amendments to the public service law.The remaining 2 parts will be issued until spring 2014, accompanied by inductive training. The Manual aims to address actual needs and realities of human resource management in Georgian government institutions. It briefly summarizes everything HR specialists have to know in order to fulfill their responsibilities. The Manual brings together all HR management policies and practices across different governmental agencies; promotes similar principles and approaches in all public organizations and introduces the modern management approaches in governmental agencies. Human Resource Management Manual-1st Part.pdf