Executive Defence Course

With the support of NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme (PDP) the National Executive Defence Course (EDC) commenced at the Defence Institution Building school (DIBS). EDC serves as an example of joint cooperation between DIBS and PDP.

The 2018, 7th edition of the EDC gathers wide range of participants including public sector organisations, NGOs, media, representatives of the wider security sector, senior officials to enhance knowledge on contemporary defence and security related issues.The course aims to introduce analyses of the current challenges in domestic, regional and international contexts and will discuss the role of citizens in forming more effective and transparent defence and security systems of the country.

Increasing the awareness of the wider public on defence and security sector management issues as well as the key challenges facing the system proves to be an effective tool for increasing civilian oversight and strengthening public participation in key decisions.

The Deputy Head of NATO Liaison Office in Georgia, Pirit Pikker opened the course. The NATO-PDP has been supporting the course since its establishment.