Executive Defence Course

PDP has been supporting the National Executive Defence Course for the past six years. The objective of the course is to inform Georgian civil servants, NGOs, media representatives about the issues of the defence and security sector of Georgia and the region. In addition with the awareness raising on the role of the Georgian citizens in the formation of the defence and security system of the country.

The workshop in Kachreti continued for four days. Along with the MoD and GAF representatives, the high ranking officials of different governmental agencies, the representatives of Justice Authorities, non-governmental organizations and media representatives attended.

During the course, the participants had the opportunity to discuss a number of topics: modern international security system, international economic security and its impact on Georgia, regional security environment, the role of Georgia in the Black Sea security architecture, the conflicts ongoing in the Caucasus and Georgia`s relationship with its neighbor countries, foreign policy priorities and achievements, defence policy aspects and the military component of national security, the role of the civilian society and media in the national security system formation. In parallel to the workshop, the participants worked on simulation crisis scenario.

Executive Defence Course was established as an analogue to the courses adapted in Nordic and Baltic nations and is being held in Georgia for the sixth times by the support of Estonia`s Ministry of Defence.