Discussion on Strategic Communications at the Office of the Na...

Conducting effective strategic communication and current developments within the information environment – the thematic video conference was organized by the Office of the National Security Council and NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme (PDP), with the involvement of NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence.
The event was aimed at gathering the representatives of the relevant Georgian agencies and sharing with them best practices within the field of strategic communications, as well as awareness raising on the current issues identified on the basis of the assessment of the information environment.
Within the framework of the videoconference, Head of the Office of the National Security Council, Mr. Kakhaber Kemoklidze and the Director of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, Mr. Jānis Sārts stressed the importance of conducting effective strategic communications and revealing malign influence manifestations within the information environment, such as dissemination of “fake news” and false information. At the same time, an emphasis was put on the importance of sharing the practices,by European partners, with Georgian civil servants.
In the course of the session, experts discussed election security in the digital domain, Russian and Chinese activities, in the information environment, during the COVID-19 crisis, Latvian state agencies’ best practices in the field of strategic communications and challenges related to the so-called “deepfake” technologies.